Denver ComicCon 2014

Denver ComicCon ends today. I went Saturday only, and left relatively early at 3. It was my first convention so I went as a spectator. To be honest, I’ve got mixed feelings about the event.

Seeing as I was the one with the camera, and I wasn’t cosplaying that day, no photos of me yesterday exist. So, I won’t annotate this post with any interesting pictures.

To start, DCC actually managed to speed up their lines into the convention center extremely well. I have no previous years to compare it to, but we were inside in no time, despite not arriving early.

I was excited to check out Mike Geiger of “Leroy Dorsalfin” in Artist Alley. Unfortunately, it seems he was a no show, Saturday at least.

I didn’t attend any panels. (The schedule for that kind of thing wasn’t up until long after I purchased my ticket. Saturday happened to be a lull for panels I was interested in.)

Somehow, though I knew several old friends of mine would be running around the convention that day, I didn’t run into anyone I knew.

Finally, when the day seemed like a bust I noticed SteamCrow in merchant mesa. I had seen their work online before, thanks to their monster cereal poster line. I bought a HalloWheat Crunchies poster print complete with its origin story from Daniel. It was great to meet a fellow artist with my oddly specific interest in monster cereals.

Here’s to attending again in the future, maybe getting a table in a few years, and branching out to other conventions.

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